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Challenge your thoughts and beliefs. Awareness is the beginning of change.

This short video challenge is designed to help you reflect and think about some of the limiting beliefs that you are holding onto so you can make different choices. 

There are 3 short videos with a PDF download that includes one of my hand-drawn mandalas and a reflective questionnaire to kick start your thinking process.

You'll also receive a bonus demo video that illustrates quickly how to make your own creative Guardian Granny Whys Woman and a PDF download a 'Guide to Loss -61 tips.'

Sandra Owen

Sandra Owen

Course Creator

Sandra lives in Shropshire, England, UK. She has a BA (hons) degree in Music and the Certificate of Teaching with the Associated Board of the Royal School of Music (CT ABRSM). She has over 24 years teaching experience in private and local authority education as a visiting peripatetic woodwind tutor.

Sandra is a Grief Recovery Method Specialist enabling her to expand her emotional healing support to all clients as needed. The Grief Recovery Method® is a separate course which is done on a face to face basis. Please check out the Grief Recovery Method website for more information on this powerful programme.

Completing the six month Master Key Experience Course in 2013/14 (created by Mark Januszewski) was fantastic. Sandra went on to become a Master Guide, mentoring people all over the world for the next 2 years. She gained a wealth of knowledge and understanding in metaphysical teachings and went on to develop her own knowledge of this subject.

Leaving her teaching position as a highly respected woodwind tutor at Stafford Grammar School in June 2013 in order to pursue new avenues, Sandra's creative personal development courses are proving to be life changing experiences for all those who have taken them. 

She continues to go from strength to strength, offering a range of introductory workshops, regular Creative Taster Workshops for new and past course members who can't stop enjoying the love of creative art, and four, 4 Week Creative Awareness programmes that focus on your finances, health, spirit and relationships.

Ever learning and developing herself, Sandra is now in a mentoring group with Rachel Elnaugh (business entrepreneur, trauma and metaphysical mentor and original Dragon on the BBC series Dragon's Den)

“I had no idea in 2013 where my journey would take me, I just knew it was very important to follow my heart. The seeds have grown and developed tremendously over the last few years as a result of my own personal research, study and mentoring. I became very conscious that so many people struggled with confidence and self doubt, which is often related to emotional issues and negative beliefs. Many experience these set backs due to unresolved grief, and so I also trained as a Grief Recovery Specialist using the Grief Recovery Method® in order to also be able to offer further support where needed.

As young children we are innately creative, imaginative and curious; nothing feels impossible. However, many are not encouraged to use their creative minds as they grow older, and so as adults struggle to imagine a different life for themselves and feel stuck, frustrated and demoralised. 

I believe our imagination is the foundation stone of life, and by using it correctly we can create the life we want. I love helping people reignite their creative imagination, reconnect with their ‘inner child’ and change the way they look at things using my natural skills and life experiences. It’s all about perception.” 

With Best Wishes, 

Sandra x

Contact Sandra Owen at or call +44 (0) 781 361 2955

Course Contents

4 Videos

4 PDFs

1.0 hr