Course description

Challenge your thoughts and beliefs. Awareness is the beginning of change.

This short video challenge is designed to help you reflect and think about some of the limiting beliefs that you are holding onto so you can make different choices. 

There are 3 short videos with a PDF download that includes one of my hand-drawn mandalas and a reflective questionnaire to kick start your thinking process.

You'll also receive a bonus demo video that illustrates quickly how to make your own creative Guardian Granny Whys Woman and a PDF download a 'Guide to Loss -61 tips.'

Sandra Owen

Sandra Owen

Program Creator

Sandra is a Life Transformation Coach, Advanced Grief Recovery Specialist and professional woodwind tutor. She is a leading coach and mentor in her field, teaching Self Discovery through creativity.

Using her extensive knowledge, skills, teaching experience and understanding of self development and metaphysics, Sandra has ingeniously combined her passions to create phenomenal programs to help you out of the pit of quiet desperation that often follows tragedy and loss. 

Reconnect with your Inner Child and change the way you see things while using your adult intellect to understand yourself. Engaging both the Right adn Left brain hemispheres is essential to long term transformation. 

Have you spent so many years taking care of others that you have lost yourself? Have self doubt and low self confidence kept you from taking the steps necessary for change?

Sandra has a profoundly gentle way of helping you regain self belief, self confidence, discover hidden talents and open your mind to your potential so you can transform your life. Self Development and Recycling Craft are a magical combination of learning and fun.

Book a Complimentary Connection Call with Sandra today lets talk about what you want to manifest in your future.

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Course Contents

4 Videos

4 PDFs

1.0 hr