Consciously Create Yourself

taught by Sandra Owen

Course description

Consciously Create Yourself 

Crisis often leaves us feeling lost, stuck, alone, lacking confidence and unsure what you have to offer the world.

 Let's Start your journey back to you!

  1. Our brain has to be prepared to see new ideas and solutions. You can't solve a problem from the same thinking that created it.
  2. Change is easy when it is fun, inspired and creative. Reflect and rethink. Awareness is the beginning of change.
  3. Your imagination is the most powerful energy on the planet. It's time to reignite our creative spirit.

'When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.' 

(Dr Wayne Dyer)

The Consciously Create Yourself Program is £497 and includes:

2 x Group Coaching Sessions

5 x Video Trainings

1 x Creative Project (Optional)

2 x Audios

3 x Reflective Thinking Worksheets

6 x Hand-drawn Mandalas

Private What's App Group

Fast Action BONUS Gifts (Value £500)

Hand-Drawn Doodle and Mandala Colouring ebook (Value £20)

6 x Creative Project Demo Videos (Value £180)

£100 Gift Voucher towards any other programs with Sandra Owen (Value £100)

1x 60 minute 1:1 Coaching Call (Value £200)

Sandra Owen
Sandra Owen
Program Creator

Sandra is a Life Transformation Coach, Advanced Grief Recovery Specialist and professional woodwind tutor. She is a leading coach and mentor in her field, teaching Self Discovery through creativity.

Using her extensive knowledge, skills, teaching experience and understanding of self development and metaphysics, Sandra has ingeniously combined her passions to create phenomenal programs to help you out of the pit of quiet desperation that often follows tragedy and loss. 

Reconnect with your Inner Child and change the way you see things while using your adult intellect to understand yourself. Engaging both the Right adn Left brain hemispheres is essential to long term transformation. 

Have you spent so many years taking care of others that you have lost yourself? Have self doubt and low self confidence kept you from taking the steps necessary for change?

Sandra has a profoundly gentle way of helping you regain self belief, self confidence, discover hidden talents and open your mind to your potential so you can transform your life. Self Development and Recycling Craft are a magical combination of learning and fun.

Book a Complimentary Connection Call with Sandra today lets talk about what you want to manifest in your future.

Email or call 0333 772 1633 

Course Curriculum

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Consciously Create Yourself - Introduction
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Step 1 - Awareness
Introduction to Step 1
CCY Step 1 - Awareness
Chameleon - Full Demo
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Step 2 - Vibration
Introduction to Step 2
CCY Step 2 - Raising your Vibration
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Step 3 - Identity
Introduction to Step 3
CCY Step 3 - Worksheet
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Step 4 - Feelings
Introduction to Step 4
CCY Step 4 - Know Yourself
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Step 5 - Intuition
Introduction to Step 5
CCY Step 5 - Spiritual Insight
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Step 6 - Consciousness
Introductory to Step 6
CCY Step 6 - Consciousness
CCY Step 6 - Worksheet
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Step 7 - Belief
Introduction to Step 7
CCY Step 7 - Limitless Potential
Are you ready to take the Greatest Adventure of your life?
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